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We produce kimono ponchos made of kimono fablics and western fablics .

About us


Imakatata3chome Otsu Shiga 520-0241 JAPAN

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web site ( Japanese) : http://www.geocities.jp/wafuuponcho/jp/index.html和風ぽんちょ.com

web site ( English ) : http://www.geocities.jp/wafuuponcho/eg/index.htmlKimono Poncho.com English web site

facebook :https://www.facebook.com/kimonoponcho/facebook Kimono Poncho.com

Etsy shop : KimonoPonchoCom
Etsy : KimonoPonchoCom

Twitter :和風ぽんちょ.com https://twitter.com/#!/okinusanTwitter okinusan

Wanelo : http://wanelo.com/kimonoponchoWanelo kimonoponcho

Pinterest : http://pinterest.com/kimonoponcho/Pinterest Kimono Poncho

Owner : Yukiko Tanaka https://www.facebook.com/yukikotanaka.puresilkfacebook Yukiko Tanaka

Kimono poncho was authorized by Japan Patent Office in 2010.